Wool Felt Lamb Brooch Pin

I got inspired from a billboard ad while driving to make this ‘lil gal. She is a young lady of a lamb whom I’ve dubbed Cordelia.

Introducing, “Young Lady Lamb, Cordelia”.

Animal brooch pin, wool felt lamb

She is very easy to handle …

Lamb Brooche Pin made of wool felt

I did however have some trouble attaching the pin. Finding the right adhesive required a little trial and error, plus some research on adhesives. I finally found one that seems to have done the job. E6000 (attaches metal to loose fiber wool) is the adhesive I went with.

Handmade Wool Felt Lamb Brooch

This is the sweetest little pin. Any one should like it, especially anyone with a tendency toward cute small things. I’ve been wondering what I should work on next. Husband suggested I make a dinosaur; he’s partial — in another life he’d be a paleontologist. As for me, I’m not sure about the dinosaur idea yet. It’s TBD for now. I’m just going to let it come.


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