My Dog Monchichi and MeHey there! Welcome to TheWeeBitThings

Wondering what this blog is about? The short answer is that it’s a about the little things in life that I love, bring me joy and inspiration. This includes TheWeeBitThings online gift boutique on Etsy where I sell small vintage gifts + small handmade gifts.

This is me and Monchichi. She is our first dog and my little muse. She is the joyful little angel that inspired the TheWeeBitThings. She is full of energy, joy, sensitivity and passion.

Together, we are dream chasers, freedom fighters, angel lovers and friends of nature. Monchichi and I can be home bodies, but mostly we roam free.

A bit about me, owner of TheWeeBitThings:

I believe in stuff like the magic of the universe, beauty in the simple stuff and the little things in life make it good.

Like Monchichi, I’m passionate. While she’s passionate about food, driving in cars with the windows down and speaking her mind I’m passionate about things like creating an inspired life, soulful expression and supporting others express their heart’s desires, whatever it may be.

Seeing people do what they love, sunshiny weather, music, being active and all things cute inspires me.

I have a background in healing arts, since 2002. I’ve enjoyed writing my whole life. I started learning to make handmade jewelry in 2010. I’ve shopped at thrift stores since the 80’s and have an eye for things vintage and used.

At heart, I’m a treasure hunter. I’m always looking for that hidden gem or golden nugget in life, in people and in things.