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DIY Spring Wreath Idea

One thing about me is that I’ve always got something to do. I never get bored. I can’t. I’ve got too many projects that I have planned to do. I have most of them written down in a small notebook called “Home Projects”. A lot of my projects are home related, like for better organizing or for beautification, or maybe it’s something I can re-use in a new way. Some home projects I just try because I’ve seen it done somewhere else and I think “why not” , just to try it.

One of those home projects is a handmade DIY wreath. I always see these beautiful wreaths sold at stores like Target, Wayfair, Pottery Barn or Harry & David. And honestly, while I love them, I feel that the prices on those things are more than I want to pay. Inspired by DIY wreaths across the internet, I finally got around to making my own Spring/Summer DIY Wreath.

I happen to see a smaller sized wooden wreath for $1.00 at Target. I picked it up because at a price like that, it can’t be beat. I’d been thinking of working with a larger size wreath, but I justified that the smaller wreath would be less intimidating to work with, being my first time and all.

Next thing I did, I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store because they were having a faux/silk flower sale. It was a very good thing that the silk flowers were on sale because they definitely can add $$ up if you’re working on a larger flower arrangement. Heck, even a small one, like mine. Surprisingly, the flowers cost me about $20.00 for all of my selections (on sale).

When I went to Jo-Ann’s, I intuitively picked out my flowers. I didn’t go for a theme. I didn’t go for any particular type of flower. I went with the feeling I get thinking about Spring. To me, Spring is about renewal. Spring is about freshness. I chose fresh and renewing colors. As a result, I ended up with a Spring wreath that I can keep on the entrance door of my home throughout the Summer.

Pictures of my home project DIY Spring Wreath:

Door Spring Wreath


Handmade Spring Wreath

Home Project Spring Wreath


If you’ve never tried to make a wreath and you’ve given it a thought, you should go for it! It’s an easy project, perfect for someone just getting into the groove of their creative side.

Here’s what you’ll need, in no particular order:

– a glue gun (with the little glue sticks)

– flower wire

– silk flowers

– wire cutters

– a wreath (I recommend a wood one for working with the silk flowers).

– definitely, you’ll need inspiration, so scour around the web for some ideas of what you’d like yours to look like.

Please let me know what you think!

Bird Brooch Robin

A pin is an accessory that’s intended to personalize your gear. It’s sort of like a hat, except unlike a hat, it’s doesn’t have much function. People might argue that art doesn’t have function, and that may be true, but it certainly serves a purpose. Pins also known as brooches definitely serve a purpose — personalization, like monogramming. Remember how Laverne of Laverne & Shirley always had her tops monogrammed with the letter “L”? Pins work like that. Therefore, they are cool, says me.

I scouted this pin because it is a) a bird and I love birds, b) it’s hand painted c) it’s wood, which is pretty unique considering most pins I come around are made of a base metal and d) it’s damn cute and little, of course.

Vintage Bird Brooch

Besides that I believe that accessories are a way to express oneself artistically, I also believe that what we choose to accessorize with can act like a charm, a talisman if you will. You know, like a good luck charm. I’m sure we’ve all had some good luck object we love. A robin, for example, is a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and new ideas. Surrounding ourselves with representations of the particular energy we want more of can be powerfully affirming. A simple bird pin can mean so much more to us, depending on how we want it to work for us — maybe just to express ourselves artistically, or maybe to harness what we really want or need.

Seriously, this bird brooch pin is really unique. If you a do an internet search you may only come across one that’s similar and it’s likely not a vintage piece.

Hand painted wood bird brooch


Hand Painted Purple Piggy Bank

Part of the fun of finding inventory at second hand venues, i.e. garage sales, swap meets, estate sales is the element of intrigue [always an engaging curiosity about how, when, where or by whom was this thing used] and the element of surprise [you never know what you are going to discover about the object or artifact]. In this way, I feel a little bit like a scientist, maybe a social scientist!

Awhile back I found this awesome hand painted purple piggy bank. The beauty of this simple little object caught my eye. In an instant I flashed back to when I was a little girl and loved using piggy banks. I always preferred the banks that were actually pigs! This is some pig!

Purple Piggy Bank

The ears are so perfectly shaped and the handle is a lovely enhancement to an already perfect pig.

Hand Painted Purple Piggy Bank

And come on! Who can resist this little pig tail?!

Purple Piggy Bank

Anyway, about this pig, I did a little research and discovered that this piggy bank is a “Mayabella” design, hand painted and made in Yucatan, Mexico. I also discovered that they were available during the early 1990’s. I’ve only been able to find about 3 of them, including the one I have pictured here. This Mayabella pig is really a one of kind piggy bank; it stands out from the crowd of piggy banks out there. While it stands out among the crowd, the celestial design is a classic.

This pig is available for sale at my shop, TheWeeBitThings.