Bird Brooch Robin

A pin is an accessory that’s intended to personalize your gear. It’s sort of like a hat, except unlike a hat, it’s doesn’t have much function. People might argue that art doesn’t have function, and that may be true, but it certainly serves a purpose. Pins also known as brooches definitely serve a purpose — personalization, like monogramming. Remember how Laverne of Laverne & Shirley always had her tops monogrammed with the letter “L”? Pins work like that. Therefore, they are cool, says me.

I scouted this pin because it is a) a bird and I love birds, b) it’s hand painted c) it’s wood, which is pretty unique considering most pins I come around are made of a base metal and d) it’s damn cute and little, of course.

Vintage Bird Brooch

Besides that I believe that accessories are a way to express oneself artistically, I also believe that what we choose to accessorize with can act like a charm, a talisman if you will. You know, like a good luck charm. I’m sure we’ve all had some good luck object we love. A robin, for example, is a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and new ideas. Surrounding ourselves with representations of the particular energy we want more of can be powerfully affirming. A simple bird pin can mean so much more to us, depending on how we want it to work for us — maybe just to express ourselves artistically, or maybe to harness what we really want or need.

Seriously, this bird brooch pin is really unique. If you a do an internet search you may only come across one that’s similar and it’s likely not a vintage piece.

Hand painted wood bird brooch


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