Small Folk Fairy Wand diy Ideas

One of the things that I’ve been inspired to create are fairy wands.

I love nature. I sense a lot of wonder and magic in nature. I easily see nature spirits, especially in trees, rocks and flowers.

About a year ago, I was inspired to take a course in Fairies and received a certificate in fairyology!

Sometime after I finished the course I was inspired to create fairy wands.

I’m still at the start of this idea but I’ve created two so far.

I collect wood sticks that I pick up on my hikes, along with rocks and driftwood. As for sticks, I pick up what I consider good sticks for walking, guiding my dogs on a path or to point and reach. So, I already had sticks on hand to start. Most everything I already had on hand: acrylic multi-surface paint, feathers, wire, twine, glue, glitter, tulle, fancy stickers and small crystal wands.

The first one I made is right below.

DIY Fairy Wand

On this first one, I tried to wire wrap the crystal to the stick. This was a little bit trickier than I had expected. I used glue to make sure the crystal wouldn’t fall out of the wire wrapping. There ended up being some glue residue. I used E6000. I don’t think I’d use this glue again for something like this.

DIY Fairy Wand

At the end of the wand, I stuck some gem style stickers onto the tulle bow. This created a fun light-hearted child-like look. Great for making wishes come true here and there!

In the second version of the fairy wand, I decided to use a tiny little stick I had kept, hoping that one day it would come to life. The little stick finally found a purpose. And it was a great purpose …a fitting fairy wand for small folk.

This time I knew that wire wrapping a crystal to a stick this size would probably not work out so well for me. Then it hit me. I needed some kind of plaster or clay. It does still incorporate wire though; it further enhances the wand’s energy!

diy small folk wand

Here’s another side of it..

diy small folk wand

I like how this version turned out overall. I’d like to improve the sculpting of the clay … next version!

The clay I used worked magically. It’s called Premier and it’s light weight stone clay. I found it at my local Michael’s store.

I went through a bunch of clay descriptions before I decided to venture on this one. The Premier stone clay turned out to be just what I was hoping it would be. I’m happy with it. I think it will really help me to bring ideas to life.

Oops! I almost forgot to show the final touch I added to it. It’s the leather strapping around the wand handle. DIY Small Folk Fairy Wand w Leather

I’m excited to work on the next one!

Until next time … it’s the little things in life 👍 

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