My Brand New Sewing Machine

My birthday was a week ago and since my husband loves to celebrate birthdays for about a week, I had a splendid birthday. It was full of peace, relaxation, blessings, and gifts.

One of the gifts I received was a sewing machine! I’m pretty thrilled about it. Here’s the funny thing — my grandma was a seamstress (among many other things); she sewed many a beautiful thing. She’d take me shopping with her to all kinds of fabric stores all over San Fran. I enjoyed her company so I tagged along, but the sewing thing wasn’t me, it was her thing. She was always willing to show me how, but I wasn’t so willing to learn. I was more into my books and studying.

It seems that out of nowhere I got the notion that I wanted a sewing machine. Even I thought it was a little bit odd for me, as I’ve never considered myself “crafty”. Not to say that I can’t craft, it’s just that it’s not the first thing I’d consider doing. But after she passed away (now about 5 years) my Granny, working from the other side, has had a big influence on what I’m up to these days. Granny seemed to enjoy making things, not just for herself, but especially for others. The idea of me wanting a sewing machine, despite not knowing how to use it, must’ve come divinely inspired by her. I’m pretty certain of it.

Of course I did my research (signature me), and came up with what I thought would be best for me, beginner that I am. Soon after, the universe presented me with an even better opportunity — the Brother XR1300 …. on special at Costco to boot!

Brother Sewing Machine

Some of the reasons that I decided on this one were that it’s computerized, has a fast bobbin winding system, has automatic threading, is quiet and portable (like 13 lbs). The use of the foot press is optional. There are a bazillion different types of stitches that I’ll probably never use, but should push myself to use. It’s got adjustable sewing speed, too. It comes with 8 different presser feet plus 8 button hole styles.  I think I’ll find many other advantages to it as I go along.

I better wrap this up because I’ve got to go hem Truffle’s puffer vest. The sweater is a wee bit too big around her waist, so one of the velcro straps is too long one side. Basic stuff, I know, but basic stuff first.

Whaddya Think?