Low Carb Low Sugar Starbucks Drink

We’ve recently begun a low carbohydrate and low sugar lifestyle. We’ve been doing it for about two months now. We each had good reasons to finally just do it.

It’s not always easy, sometimes we get cravings or sometimes we are in situations where it gets hard to choose something low-carb, low sugar. Overall, though, we are making really good progress and I’m proud of us!

My husband and I are both drink lovers. We can really appreciate a fine beverage. For us, drinks have always been a satisfying way to treat ourselves. We’ve considered them desserts on many occasions. Needless to say, we are fans of the major coffee houses — Peet’s, Starbucks, and we have a special place in our heart for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Why? Mostly because they have all these yummy coffee combination drinks.

Since our low carbohydrate/low sugar lifestyle change, we’ve been missing some of our Starbucks favorites. I’ve been finding myself googling all the nutritional content of the Starbucks drink that I’m craving only to have my smile turned upside down.

But then I found Low Carb Layla: How to order Low Carb at Starbucks.

In her post, she suggested something I’d never heard of — substituting the milk for heavy whipping cream. She also suggests opting for the sugar free syrups that they have. How come I never thought of that? Well, it’s because I didn’t know that you could customize a Starbucks drink so much. And maybe if I did know that, I  wouldn’t even know where the heck to begin my customizing or how to order (you know Starbuck speak). This is why the Low Carb Layla post was so helpful to me.

I took her suggestions and asked for my first customized Starbucks order. I warned the barista that I was trying something new. I asked for a Grande Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Heavy Whipping Cream instead of milk and whip cream on the top. I reiterated that I meant heavy whipping cream and not whip cream. The cashier was like, “so basically you’re getting a skinny cinnamon dolce latte, right?” To which I was like, “uhhhh, I don’t know, this is new for me, is that what I’m getting?” I think she probably needed to know what the heck to type into her cash box. Whateva! As long as I got Sugar Free in there and Heavy Whipping Cream in there, I’m easy! [probably not anymore with my customized personalized special starred starbucks order] :).

So, this is what the Iced Grande Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Heavy Whipping Cream no whip on top looks like:




Image of Starbucks Iced Latte


What I learned for next time – go with a Tall because the heavy cream really does make it heavy. I couldn’t finish the Grande. Another reason to get a Tall over a Grande is that the aim is to keep carbs low; a grande is still low at about 6 carbs per 1 oz of heavy cream, but if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake then you’d feel better with a Tall.  Another thing – because the cream was so heavy, I think that it overtook the coffee flavor. Next time I’d go with double shot in the tall to make sure I get that roasted coffee bean flavor I love so much.

The thing I really liked about this drink was that it was a robust filling drink. Yeah, it didn’t have that Frappucino texture but it was also a nice change to a basic no frills iced coffee (which I what I normally have to get my thrills these days).



  1. I’m always looking for new lo carb drinks, enjoyed your insight!

  2. Jauni says:

    If the cream made the drink to heavy maybe ask for half and half next time, i work at starbucks and that is always an option!

  3. Brian says:

    Hahaha how did you not know you can customize at Starbucks? That’s what baristas do…mix your coffee drinks any way you like. And it’s 6g of carbs per CUP not per ounce so get whatever size you want. Just click the link above, they actually know what they’re talking about.

    • WeeBitThings says:

      It’s funny because whenever I ask for this drink, sometimes the baristas don’t get it, depending on which starbuck’s I get it from. But, I guess if you’re saying that’s what baristas do (customize), then hey! I should think of some other possibilities …

  4. Louis Stylez says:

    How much sugar and calories are in the drink?

    • WeeBitThings says:

      This would of course depend on the size drink. Say you were to get a “tall”. The only sugars that are in this drink come from the heavy whipping cream. Assuming you are not getting it topped off with whip cream, the sugar is less than half of 1 gram of sugar in one cup of heavy whipping cream — to give you an idea.

      If you are counting calories in your diet, oppposed to only focusing on lessening your carb intake, this would probably not be such a good drink to have because it’s probably at least 800 calories and perhaps up to 900.

    • M says:

      You wouldn’t order this drink if you cared about counting calories. This is a low carb drink. Also, the words “sugar free” are right in the title.

  5. Sherry says:

    Be careful with Starbucks whip cream. It is infused with vanilla syrup which make it an unfriendly carb.

  6. Amanda. says:

    Love this Starbucks feature…..I order an iced coffee..SPLASH of cream…sugar free flavor and splenda. It’s lower in calories and the cream doesn’t take over.

  7. Cindy says:

    What you should do is only use 1/2 heavy cream and 1/2 water. This would cut the carbs in half and it improves the texture to be more like a frappechino. Win win!!!

    • WeeBitThings says:

      This is a really great idea! Thanks, Cindy. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      This is what I order: A short, breve (aka heavy cream) Americano Misto with sugar free vanilla syrup and 2/3 water (I.e. More water than cream, but enough cream to be substantial). Golly carbers!

    • Shannon Holmes says:

      OMG THANK YOU Miss Cindy! I just did this today with all HWC and wondered how I could cut the calories. I know its 4 years later but YOU answered my question!

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    • tammie says:

      heavy whipping cream has 0 carbs

      • Legworks says:

        No Starbucks heavy cream has carbs…I am a manager at Starbucks.

        • WeeBitThings says:

          Do you how many carbs the heavy cream Starbucks uses has?

          • JOSEFINA says:

            I would like to know as well. Cause I have always been told 0 carbs in the heavy cream

        • Laynee says:

          There is a difference between heavy cream (which has no carbs) and heavy whipping cream which is a carb per serving….so you guys use heavy whipping cream, not heavy cream then. Good to know, then half and half would be the same carbs as the heavy whipping cream….

        • Ms Kwan says:

          Hello Legworks,

          I get the cinnamon dulce Frappuccino with breve & sprinkles only in venti size. Do you know how many calories, carbs, and sugar this has?

      • Tammie says:

        All HWC has carbs, it has 0 carbs per Tbsp. (As per label) because anything under .5 can be listed as zero. One cup of cream is about 7 carbs

  9. Nicole says:

    Americano with heavy whipping cream is the best, hot and iced!

    • WeeBitThings says:

      Nicole, this sounds delicious. Lately, I’ve been really into Americanos, so this will be one to try. 🙂

    • Deanna Carrick says:

      I agree!!!!! Americano with Heavy Whipping Cream is my very favorite – and then I add the Stevia Drops – vanilla creme to give it a little sweetener.

  10. Ruth says:

    this is called a breve

  11. Ali says:

    A skinny cinnamon dolce latte would not have heavy whipping cream. Skinny lattes have skim.

    • Laynee says:

      You ask them to use what you want when you customize…;) it’s the sugar free syrup part of this skinny they want without the carbs in the skim milk. I order an grade iced coffee with sugar free caramel and cream. I’m guessing it only has 3-4 carbs and it’s a low carb caramel latte. I keep my carbs really low, between 9-13 a day, so can i get this coffee and not worry…:)

    • Christine says:

      The barista at the Starbucks next to my house says ‘skinny’ is low fat and full sugar but the barista at the Starbucks next to my work says ‘skinny’ is sugar free. Just make sure you are clear that you want sugar free.

  12. Hal says:

    Why don’t you order a skinny vanilla iced Americano with a splash of heavy cream? It seems like this would be a good option and wouldn’t be near as heavy and rich.

  13. Yes, to get the heavy cream added instead of milk, you ask for Breve. So a sugar-free breve latte, or whatever. It’s so tasty!!!

  14. Amanda says:

    I had NO idea that heavy cream was even an option at Starbucks. Recently started back on the extremely low carb/clean eating kick, and this would be a WONDERFUL way to feel like I’m actually having a treat. Thanks, ladies! 🙂

  15. Dana says:

    I bring a low carb vanilla protein drink and order a tall blonde in a venti cup – I pour the drink in first and then have them add the coffee. I sprinkle cinnamon on top – delicious. If I want it iced, I do the same thing and then ask for a ginormous cup of ice (the size that’s larger than the venti…can’t remember the name). Very yummy and I get 30 grams of protein to boot.

  16. Jen says:

    Instead of a latte, order an americano. You’ll get more of the coffee flavor you desire. 🙂

  17. Jessica says:

    Isn’t heavy whipping cream high in saturated fats and fat grams?

  18. Kristen says:

    Cheapest option: iced dopio (2 shots of espresso) with whichever sugar free syrup you like best, with a heavy dose of heavy cream in a tall cup….$2.65!!!!

  19. Crystal says:

    What about a chocolate/mocha like taste? I miss the Java chip Frappuccino now that I’m on a low carb/low sugar diet.

  20. Marcy says:

    Couldn’t you have them make this in the Frappuccino texture by throwing the whole thing into the blender and crushing up the ice? Just wondering. Thanks for the tips! Just started low carbing; can’t wait to try this when I’m having a craving!

    • Susanne says:

      I order a grande iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso,no classic syrup, 1 oz heavy whipping cream,2 pkts stevia, and then double blended. They have to use a venti cup to pour it into at the end because it grows because of the finely blended ice. My fitness pal rates it at 99 calories, 1 carb, 0 protein, and 10g total fat.

      This beverage is charged as a grande iced coffee with an extra shot at $2.79, it’s the double blending that makes it the smooth frappuccino texture that is so satisfying.

      • WeeBitThings says:

        This is one of the best customized drink ideas that I’ve heard of! The blended part sounds really cool. The price for all this customization is amazing, considering a cup of any specialty coffee is about $4.00 now.

  21. layla says:

    I get this at Starbucks: Venti Cold Brew Iced Coffee with 10 pumps SFV, 3 splenda and 8oz of heavy cream. NO WATER. Light ice, then throw it in the blender. It comes out tasting just like coffee ice cream. Have them measure the whole thing in the cup– not just dumping stuff in the blender and guessing at amounts ( total newbie barrista move). Yes, I have to order it just like that. And yes, I tip well. Just as an FYI the small hot cup at Starbucks is 8oz so they should use one of those to measure the cream. My favorite barisra knows it by heart and makes it perfectly. If yiu want decaf sub the cold brew for a decaf americano, again NO water.

  22. Alice says:

    Do not believe people that say Heavy Cream has no carbs. USDA database says directly that 1 Cup of Heavy Cream is 809 calories, 6.95g Sugar. I love the Sugar-Free Mocha at Starbucks, but the SF syrup does have 2 carbs and 5 calories, plus whatever cream you use.

  23. Maria says:

    15 years ago I was ordering the Adkins Latte at Starbucks they were aware back then but now prob not so much. It’s a latte with heavy whip. Tasty too!

  24. Diana says:

    Their sugar free mocha tastes like yoo hoo! They have lots of sugar free options!

  25. Laura says:

    Ordered this for the first time today and I loved it. Living low carb isn’t always easy but knowing that there are awesome people like you sharing great tips makes it less daunting! Thanks girl!

  26. Loretta says:

    Is there a way to make a White Chocolate Mocha less carbs? I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and really miss my occassional coffee.

    • RC says:

      Loretta, I didn’t see sugar-free white chocolate mocha but maybe you can try the sugar-free mocha + sugar-free vanilla syrup. Hopefully they will make a sugar-free version soon. ( I keep hoping for sugar-free pumpkin spice 🙂 )

  27. RC says:

    I use the Starbucks app all the time. When mobile ordering on it you can customize the drink exactly the way you want. Such as select +/- pumps of flavors, mix different flavors together, change caffeine options, use heavy cream instead of milk, add a little whip or sprinkle stuff on top if you want, etc. There are countless ways to customize your own drink. Sometimes they make a mistake, but Starbucks is good about re-doing it for you. You, or anyone you want, can pick up your order inside or at the drive up window as it’s already paid for via the app (using your SBUX card/or debit card stored in your rewards account). It’s great when I send my hubby to get me something and he doesn’t have to stress about getting it right. (Even though they overdid the heavy cream once, yuck. Heavy cream goes a long way and they shouldn’t add the same amount of heavy cream as they do milk)

    • WeeBitThings says:

      I love this comment. I wasn’t aware of this… and I totally agree with the heavy cream going a long way. I’ve had it happen where they over do it, so now when I order I just try to let them know I only need a little of it. Thanks for the comment!

      TheWeeBitThings Administrator

    • Susanne says:

      Be sure to tell them “NO classic syrup” it is their regular base that is way high in sugar! 1 pump is 0.25 fl oz, it has 20 calories, and 5 grams of sugar, 5g carbs! This will take your low carb beverage to new heights-and they put it in just about everything!

  28. Christina says:

    Next time try a Misto “mee-stow” instead of the latte if you like more coffee and less milk. You won’t be sorry you did, just make sure you always add a flavor to it since plain it’s alot like just coffee with a shot of cream. It’s not on the menu but the barista’s will know what it is. Enjoy!

    • Renea says:

      What would you suggest to order for low carb Emily. Since you work there, I’m sure you know best.

      • Emily says:

        If you want a drink that is still milky like a latte, I would get a coconut milk latte. Coconut milk has the fewest carbs. If you want the latte sweet, you can sweeten it with any of the sugar free syrups (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, cinnamon dolce, peppermint, or mocha). Otherwise if you really want to go low carb and like regular brewed coffee, you can get a brewed coffee with a sugar free syrup and a splash of heavy cream. It is very thick so a little goes a long way! Hope this helps! I would recommend an iced coconut latte with sugar free vanilla, they pair very well!

  29. Emily says:

    Heavy cream is NOT a low carb alternative. I work at Starbucks and our heavy cream has 1 gram of carbohydrates per TABLESPOON. There are 16 tablespoons in a cup, so 16 grams of carbs in one cup of heavy cream. On the other hand, one cup 2 percent milk has 11 grams of carbs. You should really read serving sizes on labels!! The lowest carb milk we serve is coconut milk with only 8 grams of carbohydrates per cup. Even if you water down the heavy cream it cannot be worth all that extra fat! 72 grams per cup! Stick to milk people….

    • If you are using 1 cup of heavy cream something is terribly wrong. 2 tbsp max per beverage for a low carb diet (not to mention it is insanely caloric). The fat content in heavy cream adds flavor in significantly lower volume, and if you want a 16 oz. beverage it is necessary to order an Americano with added heavy cream instead of a “latte”. The idea of a 1 to 1 ratio replacement is flawed and will not be of benefit.

  30. Ozzie Oromchian says:

    My 6 year old has been on the Modified Atkins Diet and we have been ordering her a kids hot chocolate with heavy cream instead of milk and one pump of light sugar mocha syrup (there is no sugar FREE chocolate syrup at Starbucks) and one pump of sugar free mint (I am assured the sugar free mint is truly sugar free). … It’s a yummy peppermint hot chocolate… Good option for a kiddo or someone wanting a non-coffee drink! A few baristas got to know me and would smile and make my daughters hot chocolate without my lengthy explanation. It was really awesome. I wish I had seen this informative post when we first started! Great info! Thanks for sharing:)

  31. If you order an iced Americano with sugar free syrup and light heavy whipping cream some of the volume is taken up with water from the Americano. Half and half has higher sugar and carbs, and is not strictly low carb. It has the iced latte taste without the weight

  32. Meghan says:

    This is a lifesaver!! I’ve been drinking hot tea because I was the only thing I knew was low carb and I was soooo tired of it!! This is my new go to, so yummy!!

  33. Kate says:

    This is all good info but is anyone concerned with how terrible sugar free stuff is for your body, I was looking for a great drink here and realized everyone uses fake sugar which is so bad any other ideas

  34. Cynthia says:

    You could also ask for an Americano with an extra shot, sf syrup, heavy cream. That’s what I usually get. An Americano is just espresso shots with hot water. It will give you the stronger flavor you want, but the water will help provide more volume so you won’t need as much cream. Some coffee shops now also have unsweetened soy or almond milk, so it’s worth it to ask.

  35. Pam Fischer says:

    Just get a coffee with the sugar free syrup and a splash of heavy cream. Tastes like a latte

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  37. Adine Piediscalzo says:

    I get a doppio (double shot of espresso) over ice in a venti cup then add a GNC lean protein vanilla shake! Just like an iced coffee and not heavy as with heavy cream. I also use the Adkins or EAS vanilla shakes too!! Low carb, high protein, low fat and low calorie

  38. Judy says:

    I really was addicted to mochas, so now i get a triple or quad espresso add 1-2 pumps skinny mocha sauce then ice last so ice isnt melted when i get it…i add the Heavy whip myself or there so i only get 1-2 tbsp cream…carbs add up really fast so best to keep it minimal, if i add my own cream this drink is about 2 carbs, if i use starbucks cream it can be 4 carbs…yum yum!

  39. susannecs says:

    I like the idea of a venti cold brew coffee with 2 shots espresso, 1pump sfv, 1 pump skinny mocha, light hwc, blended. I wish I knew the nutritional data for this drink!

    • WeeBitThings says:

      Thank you for sharing your drink idea! Maybe someone here or a Starbucks barista might chime in on some nutritional data for this drink. I do know that on their app, you can build your own customized drink and get a pretty good idea of the nutritional info.

  40. sherijohnson says:

    this could be blended

  41. Steph says:

    Another option that is very low carb without being heavy is Skinny Cinnamon Dolche Latte with almond milk instead of regular milk or heavy cream. Almond milk is about 1-2 carbs/8 oz so you save a lot there and you can get a bigger drink for WAY less carbs and not be so filling! I learned this bc I’m low carb and lactose intolerant:-) I usually order it with almond milk and a dash of heavy cream (bc almond milk is kind of thin, the heavy cream makes it more like whole milk while still being very low carb)

  42. Jessica says:

    I love this combination but always go for 1/2 heavy cream and 1/2 water. So yummy and creamy, but not as heavy and less calories.

  43. Barb says:

    I just read all of the comments and learned so much. Thanks to everyone!
    I have been low carb for 20 years and have been customizing my drinks at Starbucks, but like I said, this was so informative. It pays to learn about what we are putting in our bodies and it is possible to enjoy delicious coffee drinks and still be healthy. My husband and I say coffee is one of the simple joys of life.
    Blessings to all

  44. Barb says:

    I have been low carb for 20 years and customize my drinks at Starbucks. I carry caramel stevia drops in my purse (as one person stated..:in a zip lock bag) and add them to my skinny mocha lattes. And recently have been ordering half water, half heavy cream. Then went to 3/4 water, 1/4 heavy cream. But the info on Americno, Misto and Dippo were great, as well as the many variations suggested. It’s worth the time and effort to know what is in your drink and how to customize it to fit your preference. Thank you for the post and for all the comments. My husband and I say coffee is one of the simple joys of life. It’s nice to be able to enjoy coffee drinks and still be low carb.

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