I Decided On The Manitobah Mukluks Moccasin in Tan Suede

So far so good.

The Manitobah Mukluks moccasins that I got as an early birthday present from my super thoughtful mother are my favorite shoes right now.

Suede Tan Moccasins

I was going on about how much I wanted some moccasins because I wanted to relive some of my childhood joy. I used to have these sky blue Minnetonka moccasins that I loved to wear as a school girl. I remember loving how they just slipped on and off, no laces. I could wear them with socks or no socks and they looked cool either way. And in blue, my favorite color. So I got that feeling going  inside of me and I wanted to relive that simple childhood joy.

It’s sort of a trend to wear mocs right now. I guess it’s like the Ugg trend. But where I live it makes sense to wear the Ugg style boots because it gets so cold but still sunny out. So you want to wear summer clothes but keep the extremities warm. It’s a pretty casual style out here. I feel like Mocs are an extension of the Ugg boot, just a slightly different look. The comfort and warmth while maintaining a lightness of shoe is there.

I wanted a moccasin, but a different kind of moccasin than what most people wear. I found these and decided upon the Manitobah brand.

Girl wearing Manitobah Brand Moccasins

The Manitobah Mukluks cost a little more than Minnetonkas. They are handmade in Canada and are a certified Aboriginal-owned business. The purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity that speaks about the role of the aboriginal-owned business in Canada’s economy. It’s also a way of letting the customers know that they just put their money into the support of Aboriginal-owned business. The Manitoba mukluks come with a Vibram sole. I don’t have it pictured here, but the vibram sole is artist designed. The design that I have on my soles is of a turtle. There are 4 significant symbols on the sole that reflect life and nature. It’s really pretty cool.

A different point of view –

Manitobah Moccasins Close Up Photo Shot

The best part? Truffle Wuffle loves them, too! This is Mukluk Love. Oh and btw, the mukluks are like walking barefoot. If you’re anything like me, who prefers to be in unbound sole state, you will love the feeling of these moccasins. If you need more support, probably not the best shoe to wear.

Photo image of woman sitting with her chihuahua on her lap

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