Growing Up Thrifting and Second Hand Shopping

Growing up, one of the things that I loved doing with my father was going to second hand stores. Sometimes, my father would go looking with something already in mind. Other times he would go more to browse. I went because it was something that we naturally had in common.

Shopping second hand was like a past time for the both of us. It seemed that we both appreciated things from the past and how they were made. We’d compare the difference of how things were made present day to the past.

We also both had a unique sense of style. His style was cowboy in the city! 😳Mine was usually something retro or ahead of my years or its time. We also appreciated a great money saving deal. Together, at second hand shops and flea markets, we were curious about things.

What is this? Where did it come from? What’s it for? Can I use it? Does someone else need it? Does it have a story?

This was part of my growing up and it’s never left me. In high school, college and as an adult, I’ve always owned a combination of the new and old. I didn’t grow up considering new things superior to old things. I didn’t grow up with regularly upgrading our stuff. What we had usually lasted us a very long time. We didn’t upgrade unless we needed to or it was a great money saving deal, in a new or old item. 🙂

keep calm and go thrift shopping

I believe that growing up this way taught me to be saavy with resources, including re-purposing and reusing things that others would throw away. It brought me up being comfortable with buying and selling goods on a basic level, to be resourceful.

Being resourceful is about making the most of what you have. It’s also about creating what you need or want in your life.

I’m passionate about making something old new by infusing life into it. Giving that “old” or “out of style” thing a chance to be used, appreciated and loved again.

Yeah, things are just things but they become more than that when we can make good use of them in our lives or enhance someone else’s with it.

What about you? What are your experiences with second hand shopping or thrifting? I’d love to hear what some of your memories are.

Until then, let’s remember this: it’s about the little things in life!



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