Fun With Watermelon

I realized today that one of my favorite things about Summer is having watermelon.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy this pretty and yummy and refreshing fruit.

I used to not like the fact that watermelons can be so big and heavy, but then I discovered mini watermelons! It’s really no wonder why I love the mini watermelons better. They’re small 🙂 The mini watermelons are so much more manageable, too. This was like discovering a small box of gems.

Small Watermelon


Watermelons make me think of my beloved Grandma. When I was a little girl, she’d affectionately tease in Spanish that I seriously must have melon head because I would tear up so easily. She’d say “Cabeza de Melon!”. ♥♥♥

Ripe Watermelon

So how’d we end up with this pretty mini ripe watermelon that was ready to eat? We just knocked on it.

Picking out watermelons is kinda fun. If you don’t yet know how to pick ’em, now you do. You just knock all over them. You should hear a nice knock of a sound. It should sound hollow and crisp, with an slight echo,even. It shouldn’t sound like a thud. Your knuckles should bounce off the watermelon. If a watermelon is ready, it should make you want to play the drums on it. 🙂 !

Now this baby right here is a knock out.

Summer Watermelon

I diced up the watermelon, fit it into a glass, and decided to add some color. How about some yellow? Yellow is a summer color, right?

Watermelon & Lemon

I ended up with a watermelon & lemon fresh summer drink. I added just a wee bit of honey to it, added ice and it was so refreshing. Fun with watermelon!

Watermon Lemon Juice

You can add alcohol to this one, like Tequila and consider adding soda or seltzer water and turn it into a sexy little summer cocktail.

Simple and sweet, because …. it’s the little things.

P.s. on one last note, I found this wonderful post  on some of the health benefits of watermelons. I’m sharing it because I’m an experienced believer in the health benefits of eating alkaline foods.

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  1. I love watermelons! one of the things I miss about summer,……….

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