Fun Toy For Adults — Try an Ukulele?

Just getting a chance to post about one of my favorite new toy object these days.

It’s my Ukulele!

My husband got it for me for me as a gift. Awww! So sweet. He got it gently used at the Guitar Center SF. Pretty neat. Because it was used it cost a little bit less than getting a brand new one. We thought it made sense to buy it especially since I’m just a beginner, beginner.

image of an ukulele

Now here’s where I confess that I don’t have any sort of musical background. I’ve tried learning the guitar when I was younger and I had to learn some piano, back in the day, but that’s about it. I actually enjoyed learning guitar but I think I remember believing that I’d never get it down because my fingers were too short. Thinking back,  I guess that was pretty silly. But then again, I can be pretty silly sometimes.

Since I did hold that short fingers belief at one time, I always figured that it might be easier if I learned to play a smaller instrument. Hey! How about a smaller guitar? Plus, I love Jack Johnson’s music. So here I am now, sitting with my new toy, learning the very basics.

image of someone practicing with an ukuleleIt’s really fun. I like for something to consume me during the time that I spend on it. So far, the ukulele has given that to me, thanks to my husband, whose always encouraging me to stay creative.

Today’s takeaway, if there is one, is: Get lost. Discover your creative.

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