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Random is a Wee Bit Thing!

Wow, March and April were so busy! I really hope for my own sanity that it slows down. So needless to say I’m very glad to be sitting here, enjoying the sun, writing a little something about a little something in this daily life and time.

Some weeks ago, we were walking the dogs …

(this is them after the walk)

Two cute dogs cuddled up together

Monchichi (Right), Truffle (Left)

As we were on the walk, I noticed something at my feet. I stopped, looked down and just at my feet, written on of the sidewalk squares, was the funniest most curious thing. It was-

sidewalk square with writing

I just loved it! I laughed out loud. Just a wee bit thing that brought me laughter and joy. In fact, it still does. As a matter of fact, we started calling little Truffle “Laveena” because she can be like a ninja-dog around the house. One minute you see her one minute you don’t. Poof! She disappears, just like a ninja!

For me, this is what I call living art. It’s just an ordinary city sidewalk square but someone turned into a canvas for self expression. I just love that! It made me wonder about the person who wrote this into the wet cement and who exactly was Laveena?

Something boring and mundane was transformed into something that could amuse and continually bring smiles to faces over time … well, at least until it doesn’t get cemented over.

My walk with the pups was that much more satisfying thanks to this random wee bit thing.

Onto the next wee bit thing …


White Chihuahua Puppy 2 months SF Bay Area

Here’s the one thing that’s been different around our home for the last 3 weeks and that is ….

A very small, quite tiny, almost itty-bitty, (rat-size-ish) white chihuahua puppy!

White Chihuahua Puppy 2 months

This is Mari Puff! She is a 2 month old chihuahua puppy that we are currently fostering until she gains enough stable weight to get all her shots and to get spayed and then finally become adoptable. Mari Puff will only be about 5 lbs full grown. Currently she is less than 2 lbs.

An image of a white chihuahua puppy

Mari Puff is a great little pup. She is so charming, fun, smart, entertaining, quick, curious, adventurous, puts herself to bed, takes naps, adapts well to a pack, and I can’t wait to learn what else about her makes her so special.

White Chihuahua Puppy 2 months old

Mari Puff will soon be available for adoption in the SF Bay Area. If you are interested or know of someone who is interested in giving Mari Puff a forever home, please connect with me.

It is my wish that we can introduce her to a family that would love to take her in so this way she does not have to go from her foster home with us, then back to the shelter for a lengthy stay. It would be so much better if we could find someone interested enough in her to adopt her as soon as she is available for adoption.

With so many chihuahuas available to adopt, Mari Puff could get lost in the crowd. Knowing her personally, she would make a wonderful addition to a young-ish family/ couple or to one very devoted adult. She gets along well with other dogs, too. She is personable and sociable.


Wool Felt Lamb Brooch Pin

I got inspired from a billboard ad while driving to make this ‘lil gal. She is a young lady of a lamb whom I’ve dubbed Cordelia.

Introducing, “Young Lady Lamb, Cordelia”.

Animal brooch pin, wool felt lamb

She is very easy to handle …

Lamb Brooche Pin made of wool felt

I did however have some trouble attaching the pin. Finding the right adhesive required a little trial and error, plus some research on adhesives. I finally found one that seems to have done the job. E6000 (attaches metal to loose fiber wool) is the adhesive I went with.

Handmade Wool Felt Lamb Brooch

This is the sweetest little pin. Any one should like it, especially anyone with a tendency toward cute small things. I’ve been wondering what I should work on next. Husband suggested I make a dinosaur; he’s partial — in another life he’d be a paleontologist. As for me, I’m not sure about the dinosaur idea yet. It’s TBD for now. I’m just going to let it come.