Best Useful Craft Show Checklist

As promised in an earlier post [read it here], I am sharing the craft show checklist that I used for my first show. Having this list really helped me to stay organized and for things to go as smoothly as possible. I needed something that I could check off as I went.

You can download my craft show checklist from this LINK HERE: Best Useful Craft Show List

If this list works for you as-is that’s great. At the very least, it’s a start and then you can modify the checklist to whatever fits whatever you particularly sell.

I researched ideas that were out there from others. I also came across one from our local SFETSY group leaders. Then, I added a few of my own ideas. This is not the be-all end-all list but you can trust it’s a solid start. 🍄

Check it right here: Best Useful Craft Show List

Hope it helps!

Best Useful Craft Show List


A Simple Felt Fairy Home Just for Fun

Here I share my humble felt fairy home.

I hadn’t done any felting lately and I wanted to do something. So, I attempted to create a tiny little home for the fairies hanging around my home.

If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve turned out better felting projects. Yeah it’s not a masterpiece, but I still think it’s adorable and it’s lovely.

If you practice one thing or maybe even two, you can become very close to perfect at it.

I’ve been lucky enough to know a few masters of their crafts. I’m married to one. But as for me, I’ve never been so engrossed by a single thing that I can put so many hours into doing it to the point of mastering it.

Maybe Aikido could be the closest thing? Or maybe it’s my practice of Reiki? Maybe … but the point is, it’s never been one thing. My heart is in many things.

If I were to mostly spend my time and energy on felting, I’d expect my felt art to look different than what it does now. I’d probably expect it to look better.

But then again, I’m not after perfection.

I am mostly after expression.  🎆

I enjoy doing things that are close to my heart. That’s definitely more than one thing. So I do them all.

It’s impossible to get to all of them all of the time. But it’s okay. I just love to spend my time and energy on the things I enjoy. The results may not be the prettiest or most perfect. That’s alright. I feel there is beauty in imperfection. Beauty in humility. Beauty in what most people don’t consider to be beautiful.

It’s important to simply create something from inspiration within. That’s why I love to wool felt. I feel inspired by cute and little things. Wool felt is a great medium for that and felting is fun.

We don’t need to get boggled down in turning out something perfect. For many of us that can stop us from continuing the work or from even starting it.

Sometimes it takes courage to work on something and be okay with how it turns out. Sharing it can take even more courage.

I think about how when we were little kids in art class our work, good or bad, got hung somewhere no matter what. Some were better than others. It was all art though.

Until next time … it’s the little things in life.


6 Things to Consider When Buying an Evening Bag for Her

The writers at vogue believe that a woman should own 5 bags. What I’m talking about today is # 2 on the list. The evening bag. An evening bag is not an everyday bag. It’s intended to be worn only for that special night activity — the opera, the friend’s party, a swinging dinner. Usually, the evening purse is not a full size day bag.

It’s little. The evening purse is a little thing. Yet as little as it be, compared to your dress the evening bag can really impact your whole ensemble. It’s a little thing, but it can pack a pow.

Here are 6 things to consider when choosing an evening bag that’s right for you.

1. Size

Depending on what you feel best carrying with you, you’ll need to think about the size. You’ve got basics like lipstick, mirror, ID, cash/plastic and keys. The extras are kleenex, sewing kit, lip balm, aspirin, emergency whistle …. oh, and what about a pen? So there you see. It really depends on what you feel comfortable bringing on you.

2. Straps

I feel like straps follows size because depending on the size, you need to factor in what the straps are like. Do you prefer a cross body strap? How long do you like your straps? You might not even want any straps at all. Do you want a skinny narrow strap or a wider one?

3. Color 

Of course color is important. Many evening purses are black. Black goes with everything, right? Depending on what color your shoes are or your dress is you can decide what color your purse should be. The thing with the evening purse though, is that you can work your whole look around it. So if the purse is red, maybe it will inspire you to wear red shoes and then figure out your dress. Pretty neat.

4. Material

At first, you might not think you have too much choice in material for evening purses. There are a good number to consider. The finer the material, the more expensive the bag will be. It can also impact the elegance of the evening purse. The purse can be satin, velvet, silk, metal, mesh, mesh, patent leather. The one I feature is metal mesh with a cotton cloth interior.

This is a vintage evening bag circa 80s that’s available for purchase over at my Etsy shop. It’s metallic mesh on the outside and cotton blend fabric on the inside. It’s got a metal slinky chain strap and clasp closure. It’s a really great size, too.

Vintage Black Metal Mesh Evening Bag


5. Closure

Considering the closure of the evening bag is probably more for those who are on the particular side. Kinda like how some people can be obsessive about their writing instruments (like me) :-). You might love the bag but be turned off by the bejeweled clasp it has. Maybe you’re specifically looking for something other than a zipper closure. Personally, snap closures are not my faves because they’re too restrictive for me.

6. Embellishment

Embellishments are the extras on your bag. They are the decorative detail that should make it more attractive. Sometimes though, embellishment makes it less attractive for some reason or another. Is sequence your kind of thing? Rock crystals? Rhinestones? Feathers? I tend to go more minimalist in this area.

I would love to know which one of the 6 things to consider is most important to you or let me know if there’s one you think I should have listed.