A Simple Felt Fairy Home Just for Fun

Here I share my humble felt fairy home.

I hadn’t done any felting lately and I wanted to do something. So, I attempted to create a tiny little home for the fairies hanging around my home.

If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve turned out better felting projects. Yeah it’s not a masterpiece, but I still think it’s adorable and it’s lovely.

If you practice one thing or maybe even two, you can become very close to perfect at it.

I’ve been lucky enough to know a few masters of their crafts. I’m married to one. But as for me, I’ve never been so engrossed by a single thing that I can put so many hours into doing it to the point of mastering it.

Maybe Aikido could be the closest thing? Or maybe it’s my practice of Reiki? Maybe … but the point is, it’s never been one thing. My heart is in many things.

If I were to mostly spend my time and energy on felting, I’d expect my felt art to look different than what it does now. I’d probably expect it to look better.

But then again, I’m not after perfection.

I am mostly after expression.  🎆

I enjoy doing things that are close to my heart. That’s definitely more than one thing. So I do them all.

It’s impossible to get to all of them all of the time. But it’s okay. I just love to spend my time and energy on the things I enjoy. The results may not be the prettiest or most perfect. That’s alright. I feel there is beauty in imperfection. Beauty in humility. Beauty in what most people don’t consider to be beautiful.

It’s important to simply create something from inspiration within. That’s why I love to wool felt. I feel inspired by cute and little things. Wool felt is a great medium for that and felting is fun.

We don’t need to get boggled down in turning out something perfect. For many of us that can stop us from continuing the work or from even starting it.

Sometimes it takes courage to work on something and be okay with how it turns out. Sharing it can take even more courage.

I think about how when we were little kids in art class our work, good or bad, got hung somewhere no matter what. Some were better than others. It was all art though.

Until next time … it’s the little things in life.


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