Blended Coffee Drink, “Monchi Blend”

One of the ways that my husband I connected when we were first friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend, and now is through our love for drinks. We love drinks! He enjoys the sweeter variety, I, the alcohol variety and we both enjoy coffee and tea drinks. Because we found that our love for drinks was real and because we noticed that our Peet’s & Starbucks’s receipts were adding up, we decided to buy a Keurig. We really love our Platinum Keurig. It saves us money and we can experiment with fun coffee drinks.

I will say though, there is one draw back to the Keurig. And that’s that the K-cups are currently NOT recyclable. Ewww. Really too bad. However, there is one way around that. You could purchase a reusable filter that fits in the Keurig and pack it with your own purchased coffee from wherever, i.e. Blue Bottle Coffee, Starbuck’s, Peet’s, Philz, whatever your into and you can feel good. 🙂

This is one of our blended coffee drinks. We call it the “Monchi Blend”, in honor of my little four legged muse. It’s made with one scoop of ice cream [e.g. french vanilla, vanilla bean, cookie dough, etc.], and/or a little bit of Biscoff, plus a 4 oz cup of Green Mountain espresso blend k-cup. [Note: as I write this, I’ve just discovered that green mountain has discontinued these. They may be very hard to find but other bold flavors could work, like Tully’s Kona Coffee Blend works decently].



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