Bauble Chain Necklace

This is a bauble chain necklace I made. The green beads are glass and the blue beads are a blend of gemstones that are referred to as yellow “turquoise”. They are a blend of quartz, jasper, and serpentine. I actually got these blue beads without having any idea what size they’d be. Part of learning about beads is getting to understand what the sizes mean. They were a lot bigger than I expected. Given the size of these beads, I knew that whatever I made would have to be more of a statement piece.

Bauble Chain Necklace

I’ve also been wanting to experiment with chain. I really dug the look of this chain.

Bauble Necklace

I have a thing for ribbon. It’s really simple but makes things look like a gift or present. This one is navy blue organza. I added in the little green buttons to make it pop with contrasting colors.

chain necklace with ribbon


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