Vending at Alvarado Fall Fest, Union City Ca

Excited to be writing again and that my first post back is about sharing the excitement of doing my first show. Pretty rad!

From the last time I posted so much has changed in just two years! I’ve been on many life adventures here and there. I moved homes and jobs. There’ve been many beginnings and endings. I’ve grown so much. During that time my engagement on TheWeeBitThings has been less than I’d hoped for, but in life one must be flexible. Right now I’m really happy to be writing this post.

Being that this will be my first show, I’m taking the whole experience in. I decided that I would put my best foot forward, do my best with what I know and just do it. I’m really looking forward to the experience and most of all to learning. I’ll be posting some more about what I’m doing to prepare.

Since I’ve moved, I’m still learning about my new hometown and its surrounding areas. The Alvarado Fall Fest is only in its 3rd year. I’ve never been to it, but it sounds like a great community event. There will be classic cars and custom bikes. Also, there will be opportunities for people to learn how to they can fix up their bikes. I’ve always loved custom bikes but it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen them around! This should be very cool to check out.

The Alvarado Fall Fest is featuring iBike Union City. iBike Union City is on a mission to increase awareness of the communities recreation services youth & family services division and the UC Teen Bicycle Workshop.

Union City, Ca Alvarado Fall Fest

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