A Day Time Story

Small Art, original drawing by Regina Gomez Aldea, TheWeeBitThings

“Find Your Freedom” – original art drawing by TheWeeBitThings

I’ve developed this website (and I’m not particularly techie) with the help of this guy, Ori Bengal, with his program called, Make WordPress Easy. Since then, I’ve received newsletters and Facebook posts from Ori. Although I’ve never met him, he’s just one of those guys that is all around cool. He created a really easy to follow program to building your own website and has experienced much success with it. He is a multi-dimensional kind of person, which I can totally relate to. It seems as though he’s doing so many different things all at once; it’s just that he’s got a million different things that he wants to do because he’s interested, alive, and passionate. I’m so glad that I came across his course and him and his online community.

Recently, he’s encouraged us to engage our readers through the wave of the future — good old storytelling, you know, share my journey 🙂 I’ve heard of that before from other people, but today I think I’m ready to just do it.

If only you knew how long this journey has taken so far and what it’s entailed! But rather than to try to remember all that, I’ll just narrow it down to the part of my big dream, at least for today.

For a very long time now, dating back to when I was an early teen, I remember having visions of myself as an older woman living in a village-esque location in a cottage-like home in a time in place where good people meet, work, love and play. In this time and place, I help people get on with their lives (keep it moving forward, on route and on path) through providing them with something nurturing — whether it be massage, food, a magical elixir to drink, a sacred place to just be, and herbal concoction to take, sage advice to use or offer classes in the arts of … whatever. I liked the vision, especially the way it felt.

When I tried to name that woman in my vision (because that’s what my left brain tries to do) I finally came up with “healing artist”. Back then it seemed rather arbitrary to call her a “healing artist” because, basically, I pulled it out of my ass and didn’t know exactly what that meant. However, in my heart, I simply knew that that’s what the dream and she felt like they should be called.

So, since then, I’ve been moved to follow that “healing artist” vision to where it takes me. This is where I’d say the vision of my journey began. I’ve been aiming at creating the vision on the canvas of my real life — like an interpretation of what’s in my heart and mind’s eye. In order for this to be, I’ve had to embark on roads that I’ve never been on, many times alone and at times caught in the dark. But without failure, day breaks and lights my road again.

The following posts are excerpts on the way to my path — which is all about my passion, purpose, and potential and then some!

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