Nautical Beach Hat

I was out doing my regular hunting for just the right pieces of weebitthings and I couldn’t resist picking up this hat. I love hats and love wearing hats. If there was one thing that would be my “signature”, you know, that thing that you’d wear or use to make yourself memorable? For me, it would be my hats.

This is a typical beach hat but I’ll tell you what’s so special about it in just a minute. Now I’ve always loved the look of a beach hat. It’s casual, girly, and cute. But, every time I’ve tried to keep a beach hat, it’s never worked out. They’ve always been too big and just fly off my head or the rim is too large or bends in the wrong places, and worse, they could actually be too hot to wear on my head at the beach. Well, I think this one just might be different …. I hope.

Why is this hat so special? It’s a simple explanation — I bought it for $3.00. It’s brand new, never been worn even though I found it through my thrifty ways. Technically, it is a recycled accessory. When I looked up the maker, Tracy Watts New York, I discovered that the hat’s value is at least $100.00

Wow! This is why I love the vintage part of TheWeeBitThing’s — because I get great joy when the eye [humble untrained eye] moves me to what delights them and I end up discovering that it’s a “prized” piece of work for and from someone else.

I thought of putting this hat up for sale at the shop, but naaaaaah, couldn’t do that. It’s for me to enjoy.

Oh and just one last thing. This hat is really cool because it has a weebit gold bee sewn into the side of the hat. So, go ahead and play a game of I-Spy. Can you spy it?

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