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Simply Designed Handmade Beaded Necklaces

This is one of the first necklaces I’ve made. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of blue beads that I later learned were part of a glass bead kit that featured all kinds of shades of blue beads. I love blue hues. Working with colors for this made the necklace fun to make. I decided to make it a short choker length necklace because I had casual summer beach jewelry in mind.

It’s a straightforward design and easy enough to make.

Glass Bead Necklace in Blue

Back of Blue Bead Necklace

This next necklace is a combination of chain and potato pearl beads with some acrylic beads plus some genuine raw garnet beads. I made a pair of short dangle earrings from the leftover potato pearls and rough garnet gemstones. I really enjoyed working with both materials – chain and beads.

Seems like there are so many expressions of this combination of materials. I find it inspiring and fun to work with.

Chain and Potato Pearls Plus Acrylic Necklace

Chain Plus Potato Bead Necklace Close Up

The necklace below, I whipped up really fast. I was wearing this black top and in the moment I was inspired to add something to it. I had materials for awhile and wanted to use them up. Finally an idea came to mind. I like this necklace because there’s something about it that’s a little more masculine than what I normally make and yet still feminine. I think the inverted triangle represents that strong femininity and the heavier chain is the masculine part.

Inverted Triangle Chain Necklace

Inverted Triangle Chain Necklace II

All of these necklaces were fun to make and I was inspired when making each one. On of my favorite things about making necklaces is receiving ideas. The necklaces featured here are pretty simple designs.

Until next time, keep enjoying the little things in life!


DIY Spring Wreath Idea

One thing about me is that I’ve always got something to do. I never get bored. I can’t. I’ve got too many projects that I have planned to do. I have most of them written down in a small notebook called “Home Projects”. A lot of my projects are home related, like for better organizing or for beautification, or maybe it’s something I can re-use in a new way. Some home projects I just try because I’ve seen it done somewhere else and I think “why not” , just to try it.

One of those home projects is a handmade DIY wreath. I always see these beautiful wreaths sold at stores like Target, Wayfair, Pottery Barn or Harry & David. And honestly, while I love them, I feel that the prices on those things are more than I want to pay. Inspired by DIY wreaths across the internet, I finally got around to making my own Spring/Summer DIY Wreath.

I happen to see a smaller sized wooden wreath for $1.00 at Target. I picked it up because at a price like that, it can’t be beat. I’d been thinking of working with a larger size wreath, but I justified that the smaller wreath would be less intimidating to work with, being my first time and all.

Next thing I did, I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store because they were having a faux/silk flower sale. It was a very good thing that the silk flowers were on sale because they definitely can add $$ up if you’re working on a larger flower arrangement. Heck, even a small one, like mine. Surprisingly, the flowers cost me about $20.00 for all of my selections (on sale).

When I went to Jo-Ann’s, I intuitively picked out my flowers. I didn’t go for a theme. I didn’t go for any particular type of flower. I went with the feeling I get thinking about Spring. To me, Spring is about renewal. Spring is about freshness. I chose fresh and renewing colors. As a result, I ended up with a Spring wreath that I can keep on the entrance door of my home throughout the Summer.

Pictures of my home project DIY Spring Wreath:

Door Spring Wreath


Handmade Spring Wreath

Home Project Spring Wreath


If you’ve never tried to make a wreath and you’ve given it a thought, you should go for it! It’s an easy project, perfect for someone just getting into the groove of their creative side.

Here’s what you’ll need, in no particular order:

– a glue gun (with the little glue sticks)

– flower wire

– silk flowers

– wire cutters

– a wreath (I recommend a wood one for working with the silk flowers).

– definitely, you’ll need inspiration, so scour around the web for some ideas of what you’d like yours to look like.

Please let me know what you think!

Valentine’s Day Handmade Jewelry with Heart

I’ve been occupying my time trying to turn out some art pieces for Valentine’s. I focused on red, love and hearts. I managed to make 7 pieces in about a week and half. That’s a record for me. I noticed that with a guiding theme to work with, ideas seemed to flow more easily to me.

I also learned how to work with the little resources that I had for every piece. This impacted the over all look of each of the pieces themselves.

The idea of how what is available to us shapes and influences our lives in many small ways is interesting to me. It makes me consider how much of our life calls for ingenuity and adaption, spontaneity.

This is what turned out …

I had this fused glass pendant for a long time wondering if I’d ever use it and then it hit me. ‘Hey, this looks kinda like a heart shape! An abstract heart shape.’ I added some elements to it to enhance it a bit, like free form wire wrap.

Fused Glass Pendant Wire Wrapped Necklace

This heart charm bracelet below is upcycled. The heart charms come from other bracelets but the chain is new. The toggle is new, too.

Although this picture doesn’t show it, the toggle is a heart as well. This was very easy to make.The style is simple and classic. I always love this kind of bracelet. Chain Bracelet with two heart charms

I needed some earrings in the mix so I again used what I had on hand. For the earrings below, the deep red beads are crystal. The bottom bubbles-all-over bead added some fun. These are so yummy looking that I want to eat them! Kinda remind me of berries. Red Dangle Earrings - Crystal Beads

The necklace below features a little red felt ball with small golden fresh water pearls hanging from it. The first thing I made was the small felt ball. I got the idea to try to use it in a jewelry project. The first thing I did was stab the little felt ball with a copper loop. It stayed stuck with a copper loop in it for  awhile before any other ideas came to me on what to do next. Anyway, it all came together! Red Felt Ball Pendant Necklace

This bracelet was the last thing I made. I’ve been wanting to use more chain in my projects and this piece gave me a chance to do just that. The center focus of this project began with a small but very important piece — that’s the sterling silver artisan heart. It started with one little piece, the heart.

Silver Heart Charm Bracelet with Red Crystal Beads

And the last pair of earrings … all heart. The crystal beads are actually pink and the bottom bead is a vintage bead with dents and grooves and a cool pattern on them.Red Dangle Earrings with Glass Heart bead and Pink Crystal Beads


Thanks so much for checking these out.

Have a love-filled Valentine’s Day!