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Impromptu Cheese and Salami Plate

Never should cheese and salami be underestimated. This simple and beautiful afternoon snack is enjoyable as is but it’s even better when you accompany it with some wine and share it with a dear friend.

This is totally one of my favorite comfort food snacks of all time. And now that I’m an adult, salami doesn’t give me nightmares anymore! [okay, weird, I know, but true!]

Cheese and Salami Plate

Great Gourmet Dog

The other night, I tried making my own version of a gourmet hot dog. What can I say, I love hot dogs 🙂

Though the picture I took came out so-so (because it was at night in my kitchen and I’m still learning about lighting) the dog turned out Y-U-M.

I started out with a pretty high quality dog — Niman Ranch dogs. You can get beef, chicken, or pork and chicken. Whatever you prefer. I barbecued the dogs on our small table top grill and  toasted the sourdough hoagie bread on there, too. I carmelized the onions (in olive oil and garlic powder) then sauteed them with mushrooms. Since the onions and mushrooms were nice and warm I put them on the dog first and then added the cheese to preference. It melted nicely on the dog, actually.

The fries are sweet potato fries. I peeled the sweet potatoes, and cut it up into fry shape. I fried them up in canola oil. I added kosher sea salt afterwards plus added some garlic powder on them, too. They were sooo tasty.

This was very filling on its own and Honey was quite satisfied. I’m definitely going to make other gourmet hot dog variations in the future. Probably with avocado …






Huevos Con Frijoles, Breakfast of Comfort

I’ve been doing small creative things here and there over the last two weeks but not as much as I’ve been itching to. I wasn’t even sure of what I should post because I didn’t feel like there was anything to share. But when I talked to my husband about it, he said, maybe just start with writing the word “Write” and see what comes.

I guess.

But, despite my “yeah, okay, sure” attitude, I considered it. Then, I tried it. This here is the fruit of that itty-bitty experiment.

Eggs and Beans.

Eggs and especially Beans are my original comfort food. A simple but very nutritional source of food because it has loads of protein and iron, both things that you need if you’re going to do a lot of thinking or moving during your day. Now, I find that this meal is best with at least two corn tortillas and a cup of coffee. The beans featured below are Pinto Beans, but Black Beans are really good, too. The Pinto Beans here are fritos.