Yellow Multistrand Necklace with Seed Beads, ‘Satya’

I love the color yellow because it’s bright and cheery. I’ve never worked with seed beads and to be honest, they aren’t my first bead choice because as a new jewelry artist, I find them to be tediously too small. But, having been inspired by a multi-strand necklace that someone gave to me, I knew that I wanted try to work with them.

I actually bought the beads this past summer and it’s just turned to fall, so the color isn’t in season. Though, living in San Francisco, it doesn’t matter too much. It’s funny because our summer is actually right about now!

One of the things that I want to work into my jewelry colors is a consideration for the seasons. Living in San Francisco not many around here focuses too much on distinct colors for the seasons, so it’s an easy thing to disregard but I do think it’s somewhat important to have at least a couple of pieces that do fall in line with the season’s colors.

Working with the yellow seed beads I came up with this pretty yet casual multi-strand necklace. It’s so feminine, but not over the top girly. It’s got a bit of bling, but again, not overboard.

When I was working on it the word ‘Satya’ just popped into my head. When I went to google it to determine that it was actually a word, I delightfully discovered that it stands for real or true; truthful, sincere. I thought that was so perfect. My jewelry is for women who are into being their true selves.

Another point of view …

If you like, check my shop to see if it’s still available.

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