Huevos Con Frijoles, Breakfast of Comfort

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I’ve been doing small creative things here and there over the last two weeks but not as much as I’ve been itching to. I wasn’t even sure of what I should post because I didn’t feel like there was anything to share. But when I talked to my husband about it, he said, maybe just start with writing the word “Write” and see what comes.

I guess.

But, despite my “yeah, okay, sure” attitude, I considered it. Then, I tried it. This here is the fruit of that itty-bitty experiment.

Eggs and Beans.

Eggs and especially Beans are my original comfort food. A simple but very nutritional source of food because it has loads of protein and iron, both things that you need if you’re going to do a lot of thinking or moving during your day. Now, I find that this meal is best with at least two corn tortillas and a cup of coffee. The beans featured below are Pinto Beans, but Black Beans are really good, too. The Pinto Beans here are fritos.


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