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Enjoying Needle Felting

I really enjoy working with wool felt and the needle. The craft of shaping and sculpting the wool is called needle felting.  A couple of reasons why I liked needle felting right away is because I noticed that it could quickly reduce stress and  because it’s very forgiving to a beginner. Even if whatever I’m  working on doesn’t come out exactly as intended, it doesn’t come out horrendous, either. That makes me want to keep on trying it out. Another reason to like it is that it’s a pretty minimal craft. The basics are: a needle, wool batting and a foam felting pad or you could use a kitchen sponge. From that point, you can make whatever you want! I just love that.

The first time I ever felted was from a kit. It was one from Woolbuddy. I found my kit while browsing in Maido, a stationary  and gift store in SF’s Japan Town. It was a penguin kit. My First Wooly Friend

woolbuddy felt making kit

This is the Woolbuddy kit for my first felty

The penguin wooly had a good albeit short life. Unfortunately, recently its life ended abruptly after a visiting dog mistook it for a toy stuffy after the wooly had fallen off its shelf. Sad. I reflected on it being my first needle felt wooly and comforted myself by promising the creation of more wooly’s to come.

The latest wooly art that I made was for my Aunt’s birthday. Like me, she likes little cute things, especially if they’re small, have fur and are rodent- like.

Image of a wool felt hamster

Wool felt hamster with a food bowl and hamster wheel.


Image of a wool felt hamster approaching his food bowl

Wooly hamster approaching his/her food bowl


Image of handmade wool felt hamster eating out of pretend food bowl

I can’t wait to eat! Then go on my funwheel!


9 Neat Things To Know About Felt:

  • Felt is an industrial material.
  • Felt is used on stuff like the underside of cars to protect the car body, as well as in the construction of a home.
  • The finer the wool, the softer it is. Think of merino wool, you see it a lot in clothing. Coarse wools are used to make carpets.
  • Coarse wools felt quickly. Softer wools take much more time to felt.
  • Wool roving  is rolled up wool that  you get in thin 5 inch wide strips. The fibers are all straight and go in one direction. It looks smoother and can feel softer.
  • Wool batting is wool that’s rolled up into sheets. They’re wider than the wool roving and can be fluffy-like. The fibers are not straightened nor directional. It looks a little coarser than wool roving.
  • Felting needles have different gauges and therefore will felt the wool a little differently.
  • The felting need was created and used for industrial use. In the 1980’s, David and Eleanor Stanwood developed the felting needle into a handcraft.
  • Needle felting is different than wet felting. Wet felting is the oldest technique of the two. Historically, it’s also been the one that artist use more. Wet felting involves rubbing soapy wet fibers together. Needle felting is a dry process that has been growing in popularity.

Do you want to try needle felting? Just go for it!

It’s fun, doesn’t require a lot to begin, and it’s not rocket science. But I mean, if you’re into rocket science, that’s cool, too. I get it … Still! You’re going to love needle felting.

‘Til next time, keep enjoying the little things: because it’s about the little things in life!


Vintage Red and White Toy Tin Stove is Vintage Splendor

So, there are times when I just don’t have much to say but there’s still something I want to share. One of the ways I can do that is through photographs. Today, is a perfect day for me to do just that. Not say much but still share.


vintage toy stove in classic red and white

A pretty banged up vintage red and white tin play stove that I believe is from some time in the 1950’s.



Random is a Wee Bit Thing!

Wow, March and April were so busy! I really hope for my own sanity that it slows down. So needless to say I’m very glad to be sitting here, enjoying the sun, writing a little something about a little something in this daily life and time.

Some weeks ago, we were walking the dogs …

(this is them after the walk)

Two cute dogs cuddled up together

Monchichi (Right), Truffle (Left)

As we were on the walk, I noticed something at my feet. I stopped, looked down and just at my feet, written on of the sidewalk squares, was the funniest most curious thing. It was-

sidewalk square with writing

I just loved it! I laughed out loud. Just a wee bit thing that brought me laughter and joy. In fact, it still does. As a matter of fact, we started calling little Truffle “Laveena” because she can be like a ninja-dog around the house. One minute you see her one minute you don’t. Poof! She disappears, just like a ninja!

For me, this is what I call living art. It’s just an ordinary city sidewalk square but someone turned into a canvas for self expression. I just love that! It made me wonder about the person who wrote this into the wet cement and who exactly was Laveena?

Something boring and mundane was transformed into something that could amuse and continually bring smiles to faces over time … well, at least until it doesn’t get cemented over.

My walk with the pups was that much more satisfying thanks to this random wee bit thing.

Onto the next wee bit thing …