Empower Yourself with Pure Empower Mint Tea

Today I want to share this yummy tea that I recently discovered. It’s Yerba Mate!

You’ve probably heard of it before, but have you heard of the Guayaki Brand’s Pure Empower Mint Tea? It’s sooooo goood!

No. For real. It’s really good.

It’s the best mint tea ever because it’s got the yerba mate tea mixed up in it, too. It has a rich mint flavor plus the naturally caffeinated leaves of the mate tree. That’s what I call bonus points. Mint tea doesn’t normally have caffeine since it’s typically available as an herbal tea but Pure Empower Mint has the refreshing mint flavor with the caffeine you need to help you get going in the a.m. I also like it better than just mint tea because sometimes when I have mint tea first thing or last thing in the day it can make my stomach hurt a little. I think it’s the spearmint leaves. But with Empower Mint, the Yerba Mate smooths the mint out yet keeps it refreshing.

How great is that?

Empower Mint tea is for you if you: a) love mint tea and b) aren’t afraid of or can handle caffeine.

It’s going to be a fast favorite. Trust me. So try it and let me know what you think.

By the way, you can serve it cold, too. I drink it warm in the very early morning. It serves to give me a wake up call yet it’s not as bold as coffee first thing upon waking.

Quick tip — I found the Yerba Mate, Guayaki Brand at my local Safeway. I’m sure it can also be found at any local store that sells whole foods or a health food store.

The last thing I want to say about yerba mate: it’s a dietery supplement with antioxidants.


Image of Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea Box

Image of Empowermint Tea Bag from Yerba Mate

Image of Back of Yerba Mate Tea Box

Enjoying Needle Felting

I really enjoy working with wool felt and the needle. The craft of shaping and sculpting the wool is called needle felting.  A couple of reasons why I liked needle felting right away is because I noticed that it could quickly reduce stress and  because it’s very forgiving to a beginner. Even if whatever I’m  working on doesn’t come out exactly as intended, it doesn’t come out horrendous, either. That makes me want to keep on trying it out. Another reason to like it is that it’s a pretty minimal craft. The basics are: a needle, wool batting and a foam felting pad or you could use a kitchen sponge. From that point, you can make whatever you want! I just love that.

The first time I ever felted was from a kit. It was one from Woolbuddy. I found my kit while browsing in Maido, a stationary  and gift store in SF’s Japan Town. It was a penguin kit. My First Wooly Friend

woolbuddy felt making kit

This is the Woolbuddy kit for my first felty

The penguin wooly had a good albeit short life. Unfortunately, recently its life ended abruptly after a visiting dog mistook it for a toy stuffy after the wooly had fallen off its shelf. Sad. I reflected on it being my first needle felt wooly and comforted myself by promising the creation of more wooly’s to come.

The latest wooly art that I made was for my Aunt’s birthday. Like me, she likes little cute things, especially if they’re small, have fur and are rodent- like.

Image of a wool felt hamster

Wool felt hamster with a food bowl and hamster wheel.


Image of a wool felt hamster approaching his food bowl

Wooly hamster approaching his/her food bowl


Image of handmade wool felt hamster eating out of pretend food bowl

I can’t wait to eat! Then go on my funwheel!


9 Neat Things To Know About Felt:

  • Felt is an industrial material.
  • Felt is used on stuff like the underside of cars to protect the car body, as well as in the construction of a home.
  • The finer the wool, the softer it is. Think of merino wool, you see it a lot in clothing. Coarse wools are used to make carpets.
  • Coarse wools felt quickly. Softer wools take much more time to felt.
  • Wool roving  is rolled up wool that  you get in thin 5 inch wide strips. The fibers are all straight and go in one direction. It looks smoother and can feel softer.
  • Wool batting is wool that’s rolled up into sheets. They’re wider than the wool roving and can be fluffy-like. The fibers are not straightened nor directional. It looks a little coarser than wool roving.
  • Felting needles have different gauges and therefore will felt the wool a little differently.
  • The felting need was created and used for industrial use. In the 1980’s, David and Eleanor Stanwood developed the felting needle into a handcraft.
  • Needle felting is different than wet felting. Wet felting is the oldest technique of the two. Historically, it’s also been the one that artist use more. Wet felting involves rubbing soapy wet fibers together. Needle felting is a dry process that has been growing in popularity.

Do you want to try needle felting? Just go for it!

It’s fun, doesn’t require a lot to begin, and it’s not rocket science. But I mean, if you’re into rocket science, that’s cool, too. I get it … Still! You’re going to love needle felting.

‘Til next time, keep enjoying the little things: because it’s about the little things in life!


Illy issimo Espresso Coffee, Ready To Drink Coffee

I tried the Illy issimo espresso ready to drink coffee for the first time about a year and half ago. I found them at my local Fresh & Easy Store. Of course, just as soon as I fell in love with them, the store seemed to be always out of stock.

We moved across the bay and as luck would have it, there was a really close Fresh & Easy store. Lucky me, they carried the Illy issimo espresso ready to drink coffee! Life is good. Things come full circle.

About 3 to 4 months into our move, we read that our nearby Fresh & Easy store was closing. I cried a little bit … a fake cry, but still.

So here’s what happened next: I get real fast. I must accept the reality. I must adapt to the harsh ways of life. I let them go, forever.

Okay, Okay. So maybe not being able to find these isn’t the harshest thing in life, but it does dock the high life down a little bit. I’m just saying.


Illy Issimo Caffe espresso ready tp drink can

I love these!


None of that matters though when that which goes missing gets found. How dow I know? Because recently, my Honey surprised me with a 4 pack of these after coming home from work!

I love getting flowers but getting the illy espresso coffee, as a surprise and on a random day of the week made me sing!

Needless to say, I drank ’em all up real fast.

Here’s a quick Pro and Con list of the Illy issimo Caffe, Italian Espresso Style, Ready To Drink Coffee


  • It’s one of the best tasting ready to drink, to go coffees available.
  • Compared to the other ready to drink coffees available, it’s less expensive.
  • You can skip the creamer if you want. It’ll still taste good.
  • It’s the right portion (6.8 oz)
  • It comes in a small aluminum can, which is very easily recyclable
  • It’s sweetened with beet sugar
  • I think that’s enough. I’ve made up my mind.


  • There are 45 calories in each can. If you’re counting calories, you’ll probably want to pass on the illy issimo espresso coffee.
  • There are 10 grams of sugar in each. I don’t know if that’s from the beet sugar. You can get fresher iced coffee / espresso with zero grams of sugar.
  • If they get habit-forming that could be an extra expense that you might not really need.
  • It’s recommended that you DO NOT SHAKE.

Until next time, keep enjoying the little things in life!