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Starbucks Bottled Black Cold Brew Coffee or Peet’s Baridi Black?

I’ve been making my cold brew at home for awhile now. I’ll share what I use to make it in another post. (It’s great). This post is not about my home made cold brew, but it is about bottled cold brew.

There are a lot of options out there nowadays for cold brew in a bottle. I’ve tried plenty of them, too. When inspiration hits, I’ll share about those here, too.

For today though, I’m talking about just two: Starbucks Black Bottled Cold Brew Coffee and Peet’s Baridi Black Bottled Cold Brew 

Image of Peets and Starbucks Bottled Cold Brews side by side


Which one?

For me, the choice is Peet’s Baridi Black Cold Brew. I love coffee and I don’t consider myself a coffee snob of any kind. While these aren’t the only cold brews I drink, I definitely drink these brands. Of these particular two, my first choice is the Peet’s and here’s why:

The Baridi is very flavorful. It also has a nice kick to it. It has a buzz you can feel. It’s smooth no bitterness. Let me just say, the Starbucks black coffee brew is not bad. That said, I find the taste somewhat bland. It’s light and smooth. For me this equates to a watered down taste, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t have that kick to it, either. Overall, I feel it lacks a sense of body compared to the Peet’s Baridi cold brew.

When I try these bottled black cold brews, I don’t have a high expectation. Part of me expects that it’s not going to be as good as the one I make at home. Generally, I check out these bottled cold brews with a “let’s see”, “let’s find out” outlook.

When I first tried the Peet’s cold brew I really kind of thought it would probably be mediocre. You know what Peet’s cold brew did though? Let me tell you. It surprised me.

Yeah, Peet’s Baridi cold brew surprised me. This is another reason that I prefer it over the Starbucks one. Maybe I wasn’t expecting it to taste as good as it does because I’m not a big fan of their regular in-store menu cold brew.

When it comes to in-store fresh, I prefer the Starbucks menu cold brew. It compares to the one I make at home (but I still like mine better).

Here’s some quick info about each

Peet’s Baridi Black is 5 calories, available in 10.5 oz. It’s an East African blend (sources from small holder farms). It’s bold and smooth and described as bright, juicy and aromatic. Cost is about $4.00

Starbucks Bottled Cold Brew Black is 15 calories, available in 11 oz. It has 3 grams of carb. It’s described as super smooth with a hint of cocoa notes. It’s comes from a blend of beans specially selected to brew without heat. Cost is about $3.00

I would love to hear what you think about these two. Do you like the Starbucks Black bottled cold brew or Peet’s Baridi Black cold brew?



Vintage Ceramic Chalice Succulent Planter Idea

One of my favorite materials for home decor and kitchenware is ceramic/stoneware/pottery. The thing is, I’m no ceramic artist. Hence my appreciation for it.

Since I love old stuff I’m naturally drawn to vintage ceramics. Today I’m sharing this vintage drip glaze ceramic chalice. 👍

Ceramic Chalice

Even though I have an affinity for pottery, I don’t take everything home with me. I’m choosy. I’ve got to like the shape of the thing. I’ve got to like the feel of it. The colors have to be right. Like with most things I curate, it’s got to be in fair to excellent condition and have the ability to be used again in some way.

When I picked this one up, I liked the shape. A chalice cup or goblet has this ceremonial vibe to it. It feels noble in some way. I thought it could make an ordinary thing like drinking a beverage feel novel and fun.

Once I brought it home it seemed like the thing wanted to hold a plant! Here it is being pictured as a vintage drip glaze ceramic chalice succulent planter. 

Vintage Ceramic Pottery Chalice Goblet

Then I went a little crazy with some nature inspiration … 🙃

Succulent Planter Goblet

I love nature and have lots of outdoor nature elements in my home. I enjoy bringing in the feeling of nature inside, even though I don’t consider myself a plant person. Succulent plants are easy to care for and I love how they are drought resistant and can be inside and outside. Also, the fairy energies that I have around and in my home appreciate these little things!

I think this pottery piece is perfect for someone who would love to create a succulent arrangement of their own. Finding the right container for your creative project is a big part. Lots of succulent planters are glass. Glass has a lovely look, but personally I think ceramic is more earthy and has got a hippie/bohemian vibe. I guess in a way, it’s more personal and therefore more unique.

Until next time … and remember it’s the little things in life!

Melamine Baby Sippy Cup by Baby Cie Toddler Sippy Cup

Perfect for little hands to hold, this melamine baby sippy cup is the cutest! It’s made of melamine for lasting durability. It’s also BPA free.

The adorable little bunny rabbit fishing for stars and catching them makes this sippy toddler cup unique and delightful.

Sippy cups nowadays are not like this one. This one is just right for the vintage ideal household, the old fashioned retro baby, the sweet pea in the family.

For those of us who adore cute things, little things and sweet things, I know you’ll appreciate the illustration on this sippy cup.

When I saw this one I knew I had to pick it up for TheWeeBitThings etsy shop, where it’s been newly listed for sale with additional information.


Baby Cie Sippy Cup

Baby Cie Melamine Sippy Cup