About TWBT

My Dog Monchichi and MeThis is me and the joyful small sentient being that inspired the creation of TheWeeBitThings. Meet Monchichi Aldea, our very first dog and my personal little muse. She is full of energy, joy, personality, sensitivity, and passion.

We make a great team. Like her, I’m a dream chaser, ardent devotee of freedom, servant of Angels, friend to nature, and a dog lover. I believe in stuff like, the magic of the universe, and guardian angels but we both agree that beauty is in the simple stuff. It’s the little things in life that make it good. We both love home life and I’m mostly a free spirit.

Artistically, I have a background in the healing arts. I’ve always loved to write. I’ve kept a journal since I could write! I’m new to making jewelry and handmade arts and crafts but not new to having an eye for things vintage. In developing my life story and my online shop,TheWeeBitThings, I’m finding something I really love to do and share.

Like my muse, Monchichi, I’m passionate, too. I’m passionate about things like soul expression, creating a life you desire, and inspiring other women to discover and express their heart’s desires, too.

Of course I’m inspired by Monchichi, but I’m also inspired by: mythology, people doing what they love, the natural sun and landscapes, music, physical activity and cute-ness.

At the end of the day, we here at TWBT believe that great things are tucked into small things, that life’s joyful living is presented to us in the little things of our lives. Often times, the little things are simple, natural, imperfect, sometimes not ready, and beautiful.

In case you want to know about TheWeeBitThings’ values, take a visit here – Ten core values